Available finishes

Colour variety offers unlimited design possibilities. Following bold choices made by users we provide freedom in adjusting the accessories to the style of a specific interior.

We have our own environmentally friendly painting shop. The paints used by us are safe for the environment and people. We offer a choice of colours classified according to the RAL Classic palette.

We also make decorative coatings. We offer products in stylised antique, hammered and structural finishes with small-grain surface. Using original technologies we manufacture accessories in the industrial Technoline version and in many other variants, depending on the needs of the customer.

We are flexible. We are the only manufacturer in the Polish market who delivers orders for individual sets with non-standard finishes. Unique accessories adapted to exceptional interiors are created in our paint shop.

Wykończenia dekoracyjne i strukturalne dostępne w ofercie podstawowej:

  • chrome

  • satin

  • steel

  • gold matt

  • white

  • antique brass

  • antique copper

  • RAL 9005

  • S0002

  • S0003

  • S0004

  • S0016

  • S0063

  • S0024

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