Schlösser electronic head is a programmable thermostat that regulates radiators’ work. It’s easy to montage, handle, and may be used universally (it can be connected with all M30x1.5 threaded valves and through a special adapter with RA Danfoss valves). Electronic head ensures quick adjustment of a room temperature and significant energy savings.

Advantages of using programmable electronic head:

very easy assembly and programming
possibility of setting 8 different heating programmes for a day (e.g. 4 heating and 4 economic periods)
possibility of setting different heating programs for every day of a week
information about currently running heating program
automatic freezing protection – when temperature falls below 6°C the head opens the valve. The flow of the heating medium is increased till the moment when the room temperature rises up to 8°C.
automatic limescale protection
self-acting valve closure as a response for sudden change of temperature in a room (after opening the window for example)
TRAVEL function which enables keeping set room temperature during whole the time of a trip
information about necessity of battery replacement
possibility of blocking the buttons in order to protect heating system from an unauthorized use
wide temperature operating scale: up to 8-28°C
multifunctional LCD display
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